The Recruitment Process – Candidates

1 – Send us your CV. Before we get started, it’s best to send us your CV. This can be done either by applying to one of our vacancies – or sending it to

2- We will give you a call. Once we have received your CV we will give you a call to gain a full understanding of what position you’re looking for.

3 – CV Writing / Amendment. We come across hundreds of CV’s everyday. Therefore we can give you some helpful advice on how to make yours look more appealing to employers and stand out amongst the crowd.

4 – Meeting. We’d love to meet you for a coffee and a chat. Whether that be at our offices or nearer to you – we will come and discuss the job market and how we can be of assistance.

5 – Job Vacancies. We can provide you with more examples of vacancies we’re working on and see if they’re of interest.

6 – Interview Preparation. We will give you thorough interview preparation so you can show your best self. We want you to come out of an interview feeling like you’ve confidently displayed your key strengths.

7 – Feedback. We will provide you with honest and impartial feedback. Not all interviews go perfectly, but it is crucial to learn from each one.

8 – Offer stage. The right job is out there for everyone and we will strive to help you find it. We will deal with the administrative side and sort out your start date with your new employer.

9 – Keeping in touch. We want to form a relationship – so we’ll stay in touch to make sure you’re settling in to your new place of work.